Dr. Emerson & Four Seasons Resort Maui

A perfect combination to enhance your health & wellbeing during your stay

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Dr. Emerson is the Health & Wellness consultant to the Spa and Culinary Teams at Four Seasons Resort Maui. He has been instrumental in bringing health & wellness services and healthier menus to the resort. 

The Spa is world-renowned for its commitment to innovation, the continuous introduction of new results-oriented wellness services and products, and for its high caliber therapists. 

Dr. Emerson has overseen the development and implementation of the Chiropractic, Nutritional Medicine and the i-Lipo body shaping programs offered at the spa. Dr. Emerson also leads the Private Retreats at the resort. With the addition of Dr Emerson's programs, the spa at Four Seasons Resort Maui is truly the pinnacle of wellness destinations. 

For information, contact The Spa at 808-874-2925 or visit Four Seasons Resort Maui Wellness Your Way

Dr. Emerson's Wellness Program Overview:

  • Lifestyle Medicine Programs
  • The Private Retreat
  • Four Seasons Resort Maui Wellness Menus - Duo, Ferraro's, Pool Menu and In-Room Dining
  • DocEmerson Smoothie Bar - Located at Duo
  • Chiropractic Care
  • i-Lipo - The safe intelligent fat reduction system


For more information or to schedule an appointment please call Four Seasons Resort Maui Spa at 

(808) 874-2925