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The Personal Retreat


The Personal Health Retreat

Join Lifestyle Medicine Expert Dr. Mark Emerson and his esteemed Four Seasons Resort staff for a six day, five night comprehensive, individualized, life enhancing private health retreat in Four Seasons luxury and style. The Personal Retreat is all about you; your goals, your health, your time. You pick the dates that work for you and we will do the rest.

The personal immersion retreats are offered throughout the year on a ongoing basis at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

Program Includes:

  • Emerson Lifestyle Medicine Program
  • Learn how to prevent and reverse chronic disease for lifelong optimal health
  • Insightful health & wellness education sessions covering nutrition, chronic disease, weight issues, food addictions, cravings, stress management and motivation, and practical application tips
  • Healthy cooking classes - "the how to's to cook healthy at home"
  • Daily healthy, nutrient rich and delicious meals (15 included)
  • Daily fresh fruit, water and fine teas
  • Daily health-promoting fitness and relaxation activities
  • Three relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments

Rest, Recharge & Revitalize

Reclaim Your Health and Your Balance by Learning the Keys to Optimal Health

Heart Disease, Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes, Auto-Immune, Chronic Conditions

Jump Start Your Metabolism with Healthy Detox & Weight Loss

Destress to Replenish, Repair and Heal 

Dr. Mark D. Emerson

Dr. Mark Emerson

Dr. Mark D. Emerson is a chiropractic physician, author, and internationally recognized professional speaker who specializes in Nutrition Based Lifestyle Medicine and natural treatment methods for patients of all ages. His successful clinically proven protocols help to empower people to live healthier by preventing, reducing and resolving chronic progressive health issues and diseases.

Dr. Emerson is an internationally recognized Lifestyle Medicine expert and is the Health & Wellness consultant to Four Seasons Resort Maui.

Dr. Emerson’s Personal Retreat and Ultimate Immersion programs offer a complete lifestyle recharge in luxurious settings around the world. With renowned medical and nutrition experts and award winning culinary chefs, Dr. Emerson's programs provide a true health and wellness experience to assist his guests in maintaining lifelong health.

Dr. Emerson’s immersion retreat was a life-changer for me. In addition to spending quality time in the lap of luxury of the Four Seasons in Maui, I learned so many strategies and tips toward healthy living and living consciously with wellness as the ultimate objective. Getting insights into the medical science and learning the “HOW TOs” from the practical realities of shopping, cooking and exercise made a world of difference. My doctor was surprised at how good I looked after losing more than 15 pounds. But most importantly, all the metrics from my last blood work revealed that everything I learned from Dr. Emerson’s immersion program was working, especially as I am able to continue on this new lifestyle toward a healthier and happier me!

~ Ted Nguyen, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Professional in Orange County, California


The Personal Retreat is offered throughout the year and is subject to room availability at the time of reservation. Payment for the personal retreat program is due at time of booking. 

Guest Room is not included in retreat program price. 

For room reservations, please call our reservations department at 808-874-2204 or your preferred travel agent to book the room category that best fits you. 

For more information email your inquiry to:

*Program price includes the entire health retreat immersion program provided by Dr. Emerson and his team, retreat meals, and retreat spa services. Program does not include airfare to and from Maui, Hawaii, guest room accommodations at the hotel or ground transportation to the hotel. Alcohol, non-event meals, non-event spa services or any other incidental charges accrued during your stay are not included. Travel insurance is not included. 

The personal immersion retreats are offered throughout the year on a ongoing basis at Four Seasons Resort Maui subject to room availability.