Shape Magazine loves it

Are you looking for something sweet, rich, delicious and guilt-free??  Try my Raw Pecan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. What makes it guilt free?  It’s full of nutrients including omega 3’s, no harmful animal fats, no milk allergy risks and of course, N0 cholesterol.  This awesome desert will add freak-out goodness to your taste buds but nothing to your backside!

It is easy to make at home and you don’t need an ice cream maker. If you have one, you can use it but it is not a must. Actually, making your own homemade deserts is the best idea, especially if you have children. There is no need to feed the young ones conventionally produced junkie deserts when you can make  a quick and easy nutrient rich desert made out of plant based foods. You will know you are feeding them a healthy food based desert and they will think they are getting a yummy treat. Win-Win.

This recipe is not just for kids. It’s especially helpful for those who have weight issues, high cholesterol issues and for those who want to add more nutrients to their daily intake. Another win-win scenario. In fact, Shape Magazine loved it so much they put it in their Amazing Delicious and Healthy Pecan Recipes.