Bio — Dr. Mark D. Emerson

Dr. Mark D. Emerson is an Author, Speaker and Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in clinical nutrition and natural treatment methods for patients of all ages. His successful evidence based dietary protocols help to empower people to live healthier while reducing and resolving health issues without the use of toxic and dangerous drugs.

Dr. Emerson is the health & wellness consultant to the Four Seasons Resort Maui where he designed and leads the Lifestyle Medicine wellness your way program. He also provides expert health & wellness consulting to individuals, groups, companies, restaurants, and hotels around the world. Additionally, Dr. Emerson has been a health & wellness consultant to players and personnel of the NFL, PGA Tour, USA Track and Field and NCAA.

As a featured speaker in the expertise of lifestyle medicine, emphasizing the direct link between diet and disease, Dr. Emerson has lectured professionally in conjunction with the world’s leading health experts, such as Andrew Weil, MD, Deepak Chopra, MD, Michael Klaper, MD, Michael Gregor, MD, Julian Whitaker, MD, and Howard Murad, MD.

Eat, Heal & Learn. Dr. Emerson offers his Ultimate Health & Wellness Immersion programs which deliver a complete lifestyle recharge in luxurious settings around the world. With renowned medical and nutrition experts and award winning culinary chefs, Dr. Emerson’s Ultimate Health & Wellness Immersions provide a life changing experience to assist his guests in maintaining lifelong health.

In his personal life, Dr. Emerson enjoys a healthy lifestyle by practicing what he preaches. He has utilized a whole food plant based diet for over 25 years and raised four healthy and athletic children on a plant-based diet. He is a strong supporter of organic foods and local farmers.

DocEmerson’s diet advice and recipes are outstanding. I was skeptical how eating this healthy could taste this good, but now I am a true fan!!

Steve Mariucci, NFL Network Analyst and Former NFL Head Coach